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Any court reporting firm is only as good as the quality of its employees. NextDep is highly selective in hiring only the industry's most experienced and trained professionals. From our management team to our court reporters and videographers, we are committed to providing you with superior client service in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. Our highly experienced staff consults with each individual attorney in order to customize our service to fit your particular needs, with the ultimate goal of allowing you to spend more time with your clients, and less time time with paperwork.

Senior, experienced legal transcriptionists are responsible for the final accuracy of reports.
NEXTDEP’s Director of Operations will provide the senior transcriptionists with guidelines for routine, extensive review of reports.

Court Reporting
Excellence in court reporting is the core of our business. Our management team, court reporters and videographers hold some of the industry's most prestigious credentials, including the Registered Professional Reporter, Certified Real Time Reporter, and Certified Live Note Reporter. Our professional staff is selectively screened to ensure dependable, accurate, and friendly service.

Video Conferencing
The nuance of inflection, pauses in speech and facial expressions can be documented live and on video in a way traditional printed transcripts cannot. Our unique video conferencing technology allows you to participate in a deposition from almost anywhere in the world. With our technology, you can conduct live, interactive depositions via the Internet: with up to 16 participants at several different locations around the world, each sitting in their own offices or local conference rooms.

Online Repository
Our secure transcript and exhibit repository is provided to clients free of charge. Operating in realtime, transcripts, exhibits, and errata are scanned and posted for fast and easy review and retrieval by all authorized users. We understand the confidential nature of your cases. Management and storage of all data occurs internally under our direct control. You can access your information whenever needed and you can be confident that your information is always secure.

Online Calendar
An important feature of NextDep's online service is the online calendar. Our online calendar also operates in real time: the minute a deposition is scheduled, it is posted on the calendar and confirmation notices are sent out via e-mail. A highly effective resource for streamlining the deposition process, our calendar eliminates time-consuming phone calls and double court reporter bookings.

Transcription Services
NextDep's transcription services convert the spoken word into verbatim transcripts for a variety of clientele and from a variety of sources, including:
  • Business Meetings, Conference Calls, Expert Witnesses, Interviews, Voicemail

Clients rely on us to create cost-effective and accurate transcripts in a quick and confidential manner. Our nationwide transcriptionists are highly trained in providing a timely, secure and accurate record from any format.

To ensure your reporting experience is seamless as well as professional — anywhere in the world — we will provide seasoned legal translators and interpreters as well as other special trial support services.
  • Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Polish, Mandarin
128 Languages